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All The Feels

You know those tunes that you can totally relate to? Yeah, these are them. Music that just hits you right in the feels. Because whats better than some sad love songs? I can't think of anything.



All my favorite holiday tunes in one place! This mix of old classics and new pop is perfect to keep you going while you're cleaning for guest to arrive or when your stuck in that disgusting holiday traffic.


Sometimes you just need a moment that makes you feel like you can conquer anything. In those moments, I make these songs my anthem- a little sing in the mirrow situation to remind myself exactly what I’m capable of!



Perfect for the late night projects you're procrastinating on. It get's a little moody, but what are all nighters for?



What was the song you always had playing on your Myspace page? What was the CD you had in your car at all times the first summer you had your license? Chances are - this playlist has all of that and more.



Ever since her Coachella performance, Queen B has been on repeat. So I made a playlist with my all time fave Beyonce songs!


Summer vibes

the perfect playlist to compliment your bright, sunny, summer day! Whether you’re hanging by the pool or driving around running errands, a good mix of pop and alternative will give you all good vibes!